Big Changes at Medusa’s Muse

Medusa’s Muse is switching to WordPress for the blog and eventually the website. I’ll be fiddling with this site regularly, learning the ropes at WordPress and switching the website hosting to WordPress. For several months, I’ve been struggling to learn Dream Weaver so I could keep the website up to date. At the same time, I’ve been focusing on the blog, which is supported by Google’s Blogger. But I began to wonder if keeping a blog separate from a website is the best idea. Why update two separate conduits of information? Why not integrate the two, while also switching to a simpler web editor that I had a chance of understanding?

I was inspired to make the switch by two colleagues, RE/Search and The Mad Maggies. Click on the links to check out how they use WordPress effectively to inform and sell their art.

So here it is, the first blog post at the new WordPress site. It will take me some time to sort out all the features and get the design the way I want, but I think in the long run it will be well worth it.