Medusa’s Muse is sustained by four talented and highly creative people, each with unique skills to help the press thrive. Terena started the press in 2007, but it would be still be just an idea without the dedication of her friends (and a very patient husband named Rick).

publisher/editor-in-chief:      Terena Scott     (

co-editor:      Jane Mackay     (

design and technology:    Rick Wismar

marketing:     Ibis Klimicek de Villa

Medusa’s Muse has also been blessed with many exceptional artists. Here are just a few:

Nate Daugherty, tattoo artist, designed the logo for Medusa’s Muse. I told him I needed an image of Medusa reading a book and he created this. Perfection.

Rick Wismar, photographer and graphic artist/book designer, has designed all of the Medusa’s Muse books. Here is one of his images from Punk Rock Saved My Ass.

Nicole Lucas is an American photographer currently living in Amsterdam who shot the cover image for Punk Rock Saved My Ass.

Recent Posts

New Website for Medusa’s Muse

Medusa’s Muse has moved to a brand new website:

Click the link for all the latest news, blog posts, and updates on your favorite Medusa’s Muse authors. Buy books, order a t-shirt, or send a submission. The press is open for submissions again and is actively seeking new authors.

Thanks for your continued support of Medusa’s Muse

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